Allan Tasman

WFMH Committee

Regional Vice President North America/Caribbean

Past President APA.


Professor Tasman is internationally known for his advocacy for innovation in psychiatric education and clinical services. In the early 1990’s, to address health and mental health disparities in the low-income population, he conceptualized and catalyzed implementation of Passport Health Plan. This nationally recognized innovative care system serves 320,000 people in Kentucky, USA. Passport’s success results from physician and community leadership and its incentive system for clinicians which prioritizes quality of health outcomes. His research studied the neurophysiology of cognitive processes over four decades. He was president of several national and international organizations including the American Psychiatric Association and the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists. As Secretary for Education of the WPA, he led development and implementation of the official training and educational guidelines for medical student and resident education in psychiatry. He is author/editor of 36 psychiatric books and monographs including founding senior editor of Tasman’s Psychiatry, a comprehensive textbook, now in preparation for its fifth edition, He is founding editor of Asia-Pacific Psychiatry, and was Editor in Chief of Psychiatric Times, the publication most widely read by psychiatrists in the USA. He has received a number of national and international awards for leadership, educational excellence, and distinguished professional service.