Sabine Bährer-Kohler

Joint Steering Committee Vice Chairs

Joint Steering Committee Vice Chair


Prof. Dr. Sabine Bährer-Kohler is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the field of Mental Health. Her mission to prevent mental disorders and support Mental Health is a vocation.
Her many roles include Invited Professor for Mental Health/ Mental Health & Social Determinants at Tropical Neurology and Neuroinfection Master, Barcelona/Spain; Managing Director Dr. Bährer-Kohler& Partners, Switzerland; President, Association for Mental Health- Global Mental Health, Switzerland; Director at Large World Federation for Mental Health; Chairperson Houses of Health, Switzerland; Global Mental Health and Psychosocial Advisor for Armenian Medical Association (ArMA); Founder, International Journal of Global Social Work; Member WHO (World Health Organization) Global Competency Framework for Universal Health Coverage/ community 'Education Hub, 'WHO Global Clinical Practice Network & WHO- International Advisory Group for the Revision of ICD-10 Mental and Behavioral Disorders and BWP (Business and Professional Women) International Representative at the United Nations (UN)/ World Health Organization (WHO).