Norman Sartorius

Joint Steering Committee Chairs

Joint Steering Committee Chair

Psychiatrist . Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes (AMH).


Dr Sartorius served as Director of the Division of Mental Health of the World Health Organization (WHO) and was the principal investigator of several major international studies on schizophrenia, on depression and on health service delivery. He has published more than 500 articles in scientific journals, authored or co-authored several books and edited a number of others.
He was the President of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and President of the Association of European Psychiatrists (AEP). Currently he is the President of the Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes and holds professorial appointments at the Universities of London, Prague and Zagreb and at several other universities in the USA and China.
Professor Sartorius is a corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the Spanish Royal Academy of Medicine, member of the Medical Academies of Croatia, Peru and Mexico. He has honorary doctorates from the Universities of Umea, Prague and Bath and is an Honorary Fellow or honorary member of numerous psychiatric associations. He is also the editor of three journals and a member of the editorial board of many more.