Shu-Jen Lu

Scientific Committee Members

Adjunct Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, National Taiwan University.


I am Shu-Jen Lu, an occupational therapist who graduated as PhD from the School of Occupational Therapy at the National Taiwan University. I am currently the director of the World Federation for Mental Health and also the president of the Mental Health Association in Taiwan. As an occupational therapist who is concerned about issues about mental health, I undertake initiatives in promoting the awareness of mental health and promoting the well-being of people who suffered from mental health problems in Taiwan. Furthermore, I also hold positions as primary investigator in several Taiwan government committees or projects related to mental health, including the president of Harm Reduction Association in Taiwan which focus on the issue of drug addiction, the executive supervisor of Taiwan Society of Suicidology and Director of Vocational Rehabilitation Resource Center for Individuals with Disabilities in Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Region. Besides, I also role as an educator in universities, both adjunct professor in School of Occupational Therapy at National Taiwan University and also Clinical Associate Professor of School of Occupational Therapy in Fu Jen Catholic University to ensure the growth of this professional by "culturing" new blood. By gathering those who are concerned about mental health, I believe we can together promote awareness of mental health issues for the well-being of the world, because “ Together, Stronger".