Ahmed Abou El Azayem

International Committee Members

Psychiatrist . WFMH .


Dr Ahmed Abou El Azayem had showed leadership in developing the Mental Health movement in Egypt and Eastern Mediterranean region and for developing a program for mobilizing communities to promote for mental health, prevention of substance abuse and for conflict resolution. He was selected as secretary general for the world Federation for Mental Health conference held in Cairo 1987. He was board member of the Egyptian Mental Health association, one of the founding Associations for World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) 1949. He was nominated as vice president for WFMH and board member of the Arab Psychiatric Association and held a conference in 1998 on State of the art between mental Health and biological Psychiatry in Luxor, Egypt. This conference produced the Luxor declaration for Human Rights of the mentally ill that had been adopted and incorporated in the UN human rights document. He chaired the WFMH committee for conflict resolution and helping victim of violence that helped to resolve conflicts in Ireland, Yemen, Palestinian – Israeli, and Greece – Turkey conflicts. He founded the Eastern Mediterranean regional council of the WFMH. He chaired the world Islamic association for mental health that adopted introducing Spirituality role in prevention and treatment of mentally ill. He founded the Arab Federation for Prevention of Substance Abuse 1996. He was nominated as President of the World Federation for Mental Health 1999-2001 where he succeed to introduce the concept of Mental Health in work places with the World Labor Organization as a topic for the world Mental Health day after which WHO accepted to appoint 2002 the first world Year for Mental health that led to the world Mental Health repot which changed the perception of the world for Mental Health he was listed as world Who is Who crossing the word throw the 20th and the 21th centuries. He was member of the president of Egypt committee of health 1999-2009. During his presidency of the WFMH , he helped ex user internet organizations to be members of WFMH and helped to nominate board members from mental health users and families. He developed the first web site on mental health in Arabic since 1992.