George Christodoulou

International Committee Members

Past President WFMH.


Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Athens University,
Past President of the World Federation for Mental Health and Honorary Fellow of the World Psychiatric Association.
He has been a member of the Executive Committee of the World Psychiatric Association where he was in charge of the 65 scientific sections of the Association and has received a special distinction for his "outstanding performance"in this capacity. He has also been chair of the Ethics Committee and chair of the Institutional program on the Psychosocial consequences of Disasters of the World Psychiatric Association.
With reference to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Prof. Christodoulou has been a Founding member of the College and served as the first President of the European Division of the College.
He has been the first President of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association and was elected President for eight terms. He is now a Honorary President of this national association of Greece. He was the first editor of the Journal of the Association ("Psychiatriki") as well as many other journals.
In the World Federation for Mental Health Prof. Christodoulou served as Board member, subsequently became Vice President for Europe before becoming the President of the Federation.
He is the author of a great number of papers and book chapters, an editor of about forty books and he is a Visiting Professor in many universities. He is a pioneer in Preventive Psychiatry, having edited five books on this subject and having founded the Society of Preventive Psychiatry and the Section of Preventive Psychiatry of the World Psychiatric Association. He is also well known for his work in Disaster Psychiatry, having published papers and two international books on the subject and having helped with a number of natural and man-made disasters that have occured in the last years. He also has a keen interest in Psychosomatic Medicine having published a lot on this subject, having produced a book on Psychosomatic Medicine in 1987 and having served as President of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine.
George Christodoulou is now the President of the Society of Preventive Psychiatry that presently deals with the psychosocial consequences of the corona virus infection.